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Web Development Company from India, Ledges IT, offers you the complete range of web design & development solutions. Our highly experienced team consists of experts specialized in every branch

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We are Experienced and Dependable

welcomeWe pride our web development team, which has been worked for almost every type of industry in providing outstanding development and customer services to our clients. Our design, development and marketing experience come together to make the perfect combination in developing dating & Matrimonial, Fashion, Entertainment and other Commercial and Corporate web sites are a few among them - We do it all for your success. This extensive exposure to different types of businesses helped us to deliver exactly what the client needs, also our experience made us more supportive and cooperative.

Our Web Development Process

welcomeDuring the process of work, you are in direct contact with our web designers and developers. You can openly express your views about the design pattern, colors to be used and style and can revise the work as many times as you require until you feel the design is perfectly done. Once the design is finalized the work would be passed to the development team. Though we do a thorough check of all the elements of the webpage at every stage of development, you are at liberty to try it at any stage. The website would be placed in a public domain in our server during the web development process. This enables you to see how your website is taking shape.